Dummies That Make Babies and Their Parents Happy

A great dummy is a parent’s best friend. When your baby is upset and nothing else seems to soothe them, a dummy can get the job done.For dummies, though, as with anything else you buy for your baby, quality is the most important factor. You want a dummy that is safe and healthy for your baby and is designed to keep your baby comfortable but is also built to last.Fortunately, there are manufacturers who know what it takes to keep your baby happy and safe.Try these fantastic dummies designed with your needs and your child’s needs in mind.


Filibabba Moments Pacifier

The Filibabba Moments dummy is a Scandinavian-created pacifier that’s built to last. Filibabba places a strong emphasis on keeping its dummies free from chemicals that could be harmful to your child and to the environment.

For example, the Filibabba Moments pacifier is free from polyvinyl chloride or PVC, because PVC can have toxic effects. The dummy is also BPA-free and phthalate-free to keep your baby healthy. Try the 0-6 month size or the 6+ month size for your child.

The Bumi Bébé Pacifier

For parents who want to maintain an eco-friendly household, the Bumi Bébé pacifier is an ideal choice. It’s made exclusively with natural rubber and it contains no BPA, PVC, artificial dyes, or phthalates. The pacifier is fully biodegradable as well, so you can keep your baby’s carbon footprint small from day one.

As an added perk, the Bumi Bébé pacifier features a mould-resistant design so you can keep your child safe when you wash their dummy. This model is available in sizes for 0-3 months and 3-36 months.

MakeUwell Soother

The MakeUwell dummy has the same emphasis on natural health and safety as the other pacifiers on this list. It’s made from natural rubber with no chemical softeners, parabens, or phthalates, and it’s also BPA-free and PVC-free.

This unique pacifier comes with an added nod to your convenience, though. It comes with a clip-on carrying case so you can clip the dummy onto your diaper bag, stroller, or handbag. It’s easy to tote the pacifier where you need it without exposing it to contaminants in the air or in your bag.

The MakeUwell dummy is also unique because it comes in two shapes: round or ortho. The ortho dummy is designed to avoid potential teeth misalignment as your child’s teeth begin to grow.


Hevea Round and Orthodontic Pacifiers

Hevea is one of the most trusted brands in baby care, and its pacifier shows us why that is: because they appear to have thought of everything. For one, the dummy is made without BPA, PVC, phthalates, or any artificial colours. It’s even made from naturally antibacterial material to keep your baby healthy.

The pacifier is designed to have an ergonomic shape for your baby’s face so that it rests comfortably below their nose. Just make sure you’re buying the right size for your baby.

On top of the natural materials and ergonomic shape, Hevea’s pacifier has unique holes in the front of the pacifier. These are designed to prevent the dummy from getting suctioned and stuck to your child’s face.

Like MakeUwell, Hevea produces its dummies in two models as well. They offer a round shape or an orthodontic shape to protect your child’s growing teeth.


What to Look for in a Great Dummy

A great dummy can be a parent’s best friend, but with all the options out there, how do you know what to look for or where to begin? Every family has different needs and priorities but we recommend starting with these.

Natural Materials

It’s shocking to find out how many materials and ingredients were common in baby products decades ago but are now known to create serious health risks. The simple fact is that we never know if common materials and chemicals used today will be found to have the same problem. For that reason, more and more parents prefer to play it safe and stick to natural materials.

Comfortable Design

We can analyse and critique every dummy’s qualities until the end of time, but at the end of the day, they’re meant to be soothing for your child. They need to have a comfortable, ergonomic design that your baby can enjoy.


Protecting the health and beauty of our planet is all about making small changes and smarter choices, and your baby’s pacifiers are no exception. After all, dummies are meant to be replaced every 6-8 weeks and they often don’t last this long because they get lost or damaged. Over the course of your child’s first few years of life, all those dummies add up.

For that reason, look for pacifiers that are made with natural materials and have minimal impact on the environment both when they’re manufactured and when they’re thrown away.


As we mentioned, you’ll go through a lot of dummies while your baby grows, especially if you have multiple young children. At any given time, you want to have a stash of several dummies for your kids in case their current ones go missing or break, and so they have backups to use while you wash their dummies. This can get pricey.

One way to get affordable dummies without sacrificing quality is to look for payment plans like our LayBuy options. You still get high-quality, safe pacifiers but the costs are easier to manage.

One-Piece Design

One unique quality you might see with some Dummies is a one-piece design, meaning that the entire Dummy is one piece of the same material. The advantage to this is that it eliminates seams and crevices that can harbor bacteria and mould. Choosing a one-piece dummy is a simple way to keep your baby even safer.

Choosing Your Child’s New Favourite Dummy

A great dummy can be one of your best tools for keeping your baby safe and happy.

Shop our dummy selection to find all the best pacifiers for your child.

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